joins MBIX

Manitoba’s newest registered autonomous system, AS18534, has joined MBIX. has connected at 1Gbps on fiber (naturally), and are peering on IPv4 with the route servers. IPv6 is not yet ready, but will happen in the future surely.

It’s great to see additional ASes starting up in Manitoba, and it’s great again when they connect […]

MRNet now conected to MBIX

MBIX is pleased to announce that MRNet, the Manitoba Research Network, has connected to MBIX, and is now peering on IPv4 and IPv6. It should be pointed out that MRNet actually joined at the end of August, making this post delayed from actual connection time.

MRNet has connected at 1 Gbps, but after an equipment […]

ARIN on the Road: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thursday, 11 September 2014 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Beers and Peers 4:30 – 6:00 PM CDT Register at:

The agenda for this event includes sessions on ARIN services, the status of IPv4 and IPv6 adoption in the region, current ARIN policy developments, ARIN technical services, an IPv6 tutorial and more.

Lunch will be […]

Winter Olympics traffic at MBIX

Two weeks ago, the Winter Olympics in Sochi were in full swing. This time, the CBC and its partners in Canada made available streaming internet video of the games, live, and recorded. One of their technical partners for this was Akamai, who have a node connected to MBIX.

Here’s a graph of February 21, 2014, […]