Verisign connects to MBIX

In partnership with MBIX, Verisign has connected to the MBIX peering LAN and has brought up its first IPv4 peering sessions, with IPv6 to follow soon.

Verisign is a major DNS operator, providing service to the largest TLDs .com, and .net. The newly active server is part of their global infrastructure, and this Verisign RIRS […]

L-root node now hosted by MBIX

The story of how an L-root node came to be hosted by MBIX

After meeting ICANN staff at NANOG 65 in Montreal, I started the process of getting an L-root node installed at MBIX.

First, I asked the Board to approve the cost of the hardware, which was about $2800 CAD (For the smallest […]

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday May 4th, 2016 4 to 6 p.m. AGM to start at 4:30 p.m

King’s Head Pub Open to all interested in IXs

There are 4 Board of Director positions open for election. Jacques Latour from CIRA will give an update on Canadian IXs.

Social […]


After working hard to get all the technical details right, we can announce that HBNI (AS31914) is the newest connected MBIX member.

They’re connected at 1 Gbps at the 167 Lombard location. They’re peering with the route servers on IPv4, and working on full IPv6 peering in time.

HBNI serves Hutterite colonies throughout rural Manitoba, […]