May 2021 Upgrades

Part of our missed-post-at-the-time series. Story should have been posted 2021-05-01

MBIX has added a peering switch on the 8th floor of 355 Portage.  This switch resides within LES.NET colocation, and Fastnet can also provide optical cross-connects to the MBIX switch.

This expansion is a Cisco Nexus 3064-X switch, with 4x10Gbps links to the 294 Portage peering switch.

We’ve also added a 100G  link between 294 Portage and 167 Lombard, running a port-channel with 200 Gbps capacity.

Check out our latest network topology diagram, showing the current peering network:

Diagram of MBIX network equipment and topology. Switch at 294 Portage has a link to each of: 355 Portage, 360 Portage, 167 Lombard

2021 MBIX Network Topology

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