Flex Networks joins MBIX

Part of our missed-post-at-the-time series. Story should have been posted 2021-05-10

Flex Networks (AS19523) has joined MBIX. Flex is a Canadian ISP which has recently expanded into Manitoba. They operate a fibre optic network in several cities to service their customers. Another local peer means more local peering, which is the goal of MBIX.

Flex has connected at 10 Gbps to the MBIX switch at 355 Portage Avenue.  This new expansion Cicso Nexus 3064 switch is connected by four 10 Gbps CWDM waves back to the MBIX switch at 294 Portage.

This expands MBIX presence to four facilities in downtown Winnipeg, giving ISPs another choices of location to plug in their network.

Fastnet and LES.NET have partnered with MBIX to offer cross-connects from members’ equipment to the MBIX switch.

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