Akamai tweaking ongoing

For anyone watching our traffic graphs, you might wonder why the traffic is not the regular ebb and flow typically seen on IXPs. The majority of the traffic is flowing through Akamai, and they have not yet finalized the configuration which will lead to stable traffic flows. The work to tweak the node for correct […]

Akamai CDN node engages thrusters

Akamai, AS20940, has turned on their caching node at MBIX. We can tell they’ve turned on because of the large amounts of traffic now flowing through MBIX. Having Akamai locally in Winnipeg should be a good benefit, allowing members to transfer data from this large content distribution network directly, lowering cost and improving performance. Akamai […]

Statistics now available

We now have public graphs showing aggregate traffic at MBIX.

These will be permanently available on our statistics page.

Past 24 hours:

Past 7 days:


AS23523 peers at MBIX

Rainy Day, AS23523, has lit up a peering session with the route servers on IPv4. Routes are now visible, and traffic is beginning to flow. Our prior announcement of Rainy Day’s connection was a bit premature–they were physically connected but had not yet BGP.