Core switch installed

Today we powered on the MBIX core switch for the first time, and booted it up. We don’t have remote access yet, but our hardware is installed and ready for use–as soon as more wiring in place. 🙂

Now we have equipment

Quick update. Our core ethernet switch has arrived, and is being installed now in our newly configured rack. We are now very close to turning on the exchange. Akamai now has hardware present at the exchange.

CIRA supporting MBIX

Much time has passed without an official update of the website. We had been hesitant to say too much prematurely, before bits were actually flowing accross the exchange. However, in 2013 we have been making the final arragements, and nearly have everything in place.

We can tell everyone that CIRA has joined MBIX as a […]

MBIX mailing lists are now available

We now have MBIX mailing lists available for MBIX members’ use. Subscription to all except News requires moderator approval. We hope these lists will be useful to the MBIX membership. Suggestions of how to make them more functional or useful are welcomed.