Packet Clearing House live at MBIX

Packet Clearing House has brought up BGP sessions with the MBIX route servers.  They are our newest member to join, operating two ASes, 42 and 3856.

They operate many services, but a major one they operate out of AS42 anycast DNS service for many country-code top level domains, including .ca.  Here is a traceroute showing the path from a server hosted at member LES.NET to one of the .CA master servers:

reaper@tyr:~ > traceroute -6
traceroute to (2001:500:83::1), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets
1 (2605:e200:2:2::1)  1.399 ms  1.400 ms  1.440 ms
2 (2001:504:26::42:1)  0.730 ms  0.719 ms  0.759 ms
3 (2001:500:83::1)  0.817 ms  0.776 ms  0.771 ms

That’s very fast!

PCH also does route collection and analytics from AS3856, and we hope to have data from that in the coming weeks.

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