Winter Olympics traffic at MBIX

Two weeks ago, the Winter Olympics in Sochi were in full swing.  This time, the CBC and its partners in Canada made available streaming internet video of the games, live, and recorded.  One of their technical partners for this was Akamai, who have a node connected to MBIX.

Here’s a graph of February 21, 2014, showing the traffic across the exchange on the day of the Men’s Curling Gold medal game, and the Men’s Hockey semi-final game, USA vs Canada. The traffic patterns match the time of the games exactly.  It’s a good example of keeping traffic local, and off of long-haul, expensive transit links.


AS62752 – Adam Thompson now connected

I would like to announce publicly our newest member, Adam Thompson, AS62752.

Connected at 1 Gigabit to our main switch, we’ve established dual BGP sessions on IPv4 and IPv6. Therefore, if you’re peering with the route servers, you will get the routes they are announcing.

I ought to apologize, this announcement is about a month late, AS62752 was operational in November, but I thought you’d still all like to know. DNSSEC outage – now resolved

It was recently brought to our attention that was failing to resolve for anyone using Google Public DNS.  The response to queries was a servfail, indicating a technical failure in name resolution.  However, this problem would have been visible on any DNSSEC-validating resolver, which would not return results, after finding the signature expired for all records.  The solution was to re-sign the zone. Longer-term, the solution will be to resign the zone automatically. We plan to implement that real soon.

CIRA turns up BGP at MBIX

A second new member in as many days!

CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, has turned up BGP at MBIX today.  Their AS55195 will be used for anycast DNS services for the .ca domain.  While this service is not in production yet, the routing is in place to

jstewart@rs2:~$ sudo traceroute -I
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 (  0.218 ms  0.218 ms  0.213 ms
2 (  0.294 ms  0.315 ms  0.317 ms
3 (  0.332 ms  0.335 ms  0.333 ms

This anycasted service, which will launch soon, will provide quicker DNS answers to members of MBIX, improving the performance of their networks.

This is another step forward for MBIX, and bringing our total peer count up to 10.