Akamai tweaking ongoing

For anyone watching our traffic graphs, you might wonder why the traffic is not the regular ebb and flow typically seen on IXPs.  The majority of the traffic is flowing through Akamai, and they have not yet finalized the configuration which will lead to stable traffic flows.  The work to tweak the node for correct performance is ongoing, so we may still see large surges until work is completed.

Hurricane Electric joins MBIX

Hurricane Electric, a major international ISP, has joined MBIX on a 10 Gig port.  They are currently peering with the route servers on IPv4, and IPv6 will come shortly, as soon as we are comfortable with its operation.  HE.net is sharing about 16,000 IPv4 routes, and 7,000 IPv6 routes.  Nice to see more ISPs joining, and sharing their routes.

Akamai shutdown, network interruptions

Over the past couple of days, we’ve had our website offline, remote management access broken, and other strange things happen.  Some of it was related to Akamai, who was sending lots of traffic not to MBIX members, but out to general transit, in volumes much higher than we were prepared to deal with on short notice. As a result, circuits were shutdown, and access was cutoff.

We are back to being fully operational now, with IPv4 transit from Les.net and Rainy Day, as well as IPv6 transit from HE.net.

For now, we have disabled transit for the Akamai cache, until we can have a technical discussion with Akamai about how their node should be expected to behave. When we have good answers, we shall enable their connection again: we expect more modest traffic in future.

Akamai CDN node engages thrusters

Akamai, AS20940, has turned on their caching node at MBIX. We can tell they’ve turned on because of the large amounts of traffic now flowing through MBIX.  Having Akamai locally in Winnipeg should be a good benefit, allowing members to transfer data from this large content distribution network directly, lowering cost and improving performance.  Akamai has lots of capacity, and we welcome new members to join and see how their traffic patterns change for the better. 😉

Check out the stats page to see the data flow.