Hurricane Electric joins MBIX

Hurricane Electric, a major international ISP, has joined MBIX on a 10 Gig port. They are currently peering with the route servers on IPv4, and IPv6 will come shortly, as soon as we are comfortable with its operation. is sharing about 16,000 IPv4 routes, and 7,000 IPv6 routes. Nice to see more ISPs joining, […]

Akamai shutdown, network interruptions

Over the past couple of days, we’ve had our website offline, remote management access broken, and other strange things happen. Some of it was related to Akamai, who was sending lots of traffic not to MBIX members, but out to general transit, in volumes much higher than we were prepared to deal with on short […]

AS14866 lights up at MBIX!

MBIX is pleased that VOI Network Solutions, AS14866, has lit up a 1 Gbps copper connection to MBIX, and is now peering with the route servers on IPv4.

The addition of ISP number 3 to MBIX brings the total AS count to 5. The peers page has the full list, as usual.


Route Servers operational on IPv4

MBIX now has its two route servers up and running on IPv4. We are still tweaking (as usual), but the route servers are operational. The service address for RS1 is, and RS2 is They are implemented as BIRD running on Ubuntu, the hardware being used IBM 1U rackservers. We have two for redundancy, […]