Second ISP, AS23523 Rainy Day connects to MBIX

MBIX welcomes Rainy Day, AS23523 as the second connected ISP network to MBIX.

They follow, AS18451, who connected last week, but it we neglected to mention it.

Both are connected via 1 Gbps fibre from their own nearby datacentres, using fibre.

Testing of the route servers continue with these initial members, including AS112 […]

June Update!

We have accomplished much since the last update, let me try to summarize in bullet form.

Fibre optic cables spliced SC patch panel installed in MBIX cabinet MBIX router installed IPv4 and IPv6 transit turned on, allowing remote access CIRA has completed initial DNS and NTP setup RS1, RS2 and AS112 nodes are installed, powered, […]

Core switch installed

Today we powered on the MBIX core switch for the first time, and booted it up. We don’t have remote access yet, but our hardware is installed and ready for use–as soon as more wiring in place. 🙂

Now we have equipment

Quick update. Our core ethernet switch has arrived, and is being installed now in our newly configured rack. We are now very close to turning on the exchange. Akamai now has hardware present at the exchange.