ARIN on the Road: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thursday, 11 September 2014 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Beers and Peers 4:30 – 6:00 PM CDT Register at:

The agenda for this event includes sessions on ARIN services, the status of IPv4 and IPv6 adoption in the region, current ARIN policy developments, ARIN technical services, an IPv6 tutorial and more.

Lunch will be […]

Winter Olympics traffic at MBIX

Two weeks ago, the Winter Olympics in Sochi were in full swing. This time, the CBC and its partners in Canada made available streaming internet video of the games, live, and recorded. One of their technical partners for this was Akamai, who have a node connected to MBIX.

Here’s a graph of February 21, 2014, […]

AS62752 – Adam Thompson now connected

I would like to announce publicly our newest member, Adam Thompson, AS62752.

Connected at 1 Gigabit to our main switch, we’ve established dual BGP sessions on IPv4 and IPv6. Therefore, if you’re peering with the route servers, you will get the routes they are announcing.

I ought to apologize, this announcement is about a month […]

Hurricane Electric joins MBIX

Hurricane Electric, a major international ISP, has joined MBIX on a 10 Gig port. They are currently peering with the route servers on IPv4, and IPv6 will come shortly, as soon as we are comfortable with its operation. is sharing about 16,000 IPv4 routes, and 7,000 IPv6 routes. Nice to see more ISPs joining, […]