Verisign connects to MBIX

In partnership with MBIX, Verisign has connected to the MBIX peering LAN and has brought up its first IPv4 peering sessions, with IPv6 to follow soon.

Verisign is a major DNS operator, providing service to the largest TLDs .com, and .net.  The newly active server is part of their global infrastructure, and this Verisign RIRS Winnipeg node will provide very quick responses to MBIX-connected networks and their customers.  This server will answer queries for .com and .net names, as well as the root zone of DNS using the anycast name.

MBIX is providing space, power and management access to server, though the generosity of MBIX members.  Verisign has provided the hardware, and will manage the service, at no cost to MBIX.  DNS is used by nearly all internet services, and interruptions in the DNS can cause major outages. This collaboration will result in better performance for internet users in Manitoba, and also provide more resilience in the face of natural disaster or denial-of-service attacks.

Welcome to Canada, Verisign, hope to see you at more Canadian IXPs soon!

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