June Update!

We have accomplished much since the last update, let me try to summarize in bullet form.

  • Fibre optic cables spliced
  • SC patch panel installed in MBIX cabinet
  • MBIX router installed
  • IPv4 and IPv6 transit turned on, allowing remote access
  • CIRA has completed initial DNS and NTP setup
  • RS1, RS2 and AS112 nodes are installed, powered, and remotely reachable

And, most importantly, the peering fabric switch is switching! We have the first testing peers connected now, and we are exchanging small amounts of real test traffic.

The only major part left is to get the route servers working as we should. They will run BIRD on Ubuntu, and the configuration will be happening immenently.

1 comment to June Update!

  • I am not a techie but still I would like to make a comment. I like the MBIX logo with the black and red letters AND the red maple leaf to dot the i. Whoever came up with this logo, did a very nice job!

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