AS14866 lights up at MBIX!

MBIX is pleased that VOI Network Solutions, AS14866, has lit up a 1 Gbps copper connection to MBIX, and is now peering with the route servers on IPv4.

The addition of ISP number 3 to MBIX brings the total AS count to 5. The peers page has the full list, as usual.

Route Servers operational on IPv4

MBIX now has its two route servers up and running on IPv4. We are still tweaking (as usual), but the route servers are operational. The service address for RS1 is, and RS2 is They are implemented as BIRD running on Ubuntu, the hardware being used IBM 1U rackservers. We have two for redundancy, and also to allow orderly maintenance. Members peer with both route servers, allowing us to gracefully shut down one route server, while all routes are still announced by the other server, so MBIX stays 100% up.

Any savvy reader might be wondering about IPv6. Not to worry, we are testing that configuration now. MBIX intends to be fully dual-stack, (IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously) but IPv4 was turned on first.

Second ISP, AS23523 Rainy Day connects to MBIX

MBIX welcomes Rainy Day, AS23523 as the second connected ISP network to MBIX.

They follow, AS18451, who connected last week, but it we neglected to mention it.

Both are connected via 1 Gbps fibre from their own nearby datacentres, using fibre.

Testing of the route servers continue with these initial members, including AS112 and AS16395. We hope to have our redundant servers confirmed as operational shortly.

For current status, check out the peers page, which has been brought up to date with latest new connections.

June Update!

We have accomplished much since the last update, let me try to summarize in bullet form.

  • Fibre optic cables spliced
  • SC patch panel installed in MBIX cabinet
  • MBIX router installed
  • IPv4 and IPv6 transit turned on, allowing remote access
  • CIRA has completed initial DNS and NTP setup
  • RS1, RS2 and AS112 nodes are installed, powered, and remotely reachable

And, most importantly, the peering fabric switch is switching! We have the first testing peers connected now, and we are exchanging small amounts of real test traffic.

The only major part left is to get the route servers working as we should. They will run BIRD on Ubuntu, and the configuration will be happening immenently.