Fastnet joins MBIX

MBIX has another local ISP directly connected to our peering fabric at 10 Gbps.  Fastnet (AS394352) is a local ISP based in Winnipeg, with an expanding footprint.  They’ve connected to our 167 Lombard switch, and will be peering with the route servers soon.

Once again it’s great to see more participation by local ISPs, it means keeping Manitoba traffic in the province, increasing performance, and keeping costs low.


Zirro joins MBIX

MBIX is happy to announce another local ISP has connected to the peering fabric. Zirro (AS395588) is a startup ISP in Winnipeg. They’ve connected with two 10 G links, paired using LACP to make a logical 20 Gbps connection to the 167 Lombard switch.

Great to see that new networks recognize the value in connecting to MBIX. Keeping local traffic local improves performance, adds redundancy, and helps build the Canadian internet.

Annual General Meeting, 2017

Thursday May 4th, 2017
3 to 6 p.m.
AGM to start at 3:30 p.m

King’s Head Pub
Open to all interested in IXs

There are 3 Board of Director positions open for election.
Jacques Latour from CIRA will give an update on Canadian IXs.

Commstream joins MBIX

MBIX is pleased to announce our newest member Commstream (AS32773) is now connected to our peering fabric. This announcement is a bit late, they were operational the second week of February.

They’ve connected at 10 Gbps to the core switch at 167 Lombard. They’re peering with the route servers on IPv4 today, IPv6 in the future.

Commstream serves many rural Manitoban communities, mostly north of Winnipeg.  They offer internet service as well as TV and phone services over their coax plant.

It’s great to see another Manitoba ISP joining MBIX, taking active steps to improve internet infrastructure in Canada.