Cloudflare joins MBIX

MBIX is pleased to welcome Cloudflare (AS13335) as its newest connected member. Cloudflare is a global CDN provider who has been expanding recently, including connections to YYCIX (Calgary) and YXEIX (Saskatoon), as Cloudflare posted about recently.  It’s excellent to see Cloudflare connecting to IXPs in every city they expand into, using the IXP to reach users at home as efficiently as possible.  MBIX member ISPs and their customers will now be able to reach Cloudflare servers at low latency and low cost.

Cloudflare is connected to the 294 Portage node of MBIX at 10 Gbps. We expect them to set up a lot of bi-lateral peering on IPv4 and IPv6.

Annual General Meeting, 2018

Tuesday May 1st, 2018
3 to 6 P.M.
AGM to start at 3:30 P.M.

King’s Head Pub
120 King Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Open to all interested in IXs

There are 4 Board of Director positions open for election.
Jacques Latour from CIRA will give an update on Canadian IXs.

Teksavvy joins MBIX

MBIX is pleased to announce that Teksavvy (AS5645) has connected to the peering fabric. Teksavvy is new to Manitoba, but is widely known in Ontario, Quebec, and the Vancouver area.  As they expand their network, they are looking to peer as widely as possible, and internet exchanges like MBIX are instrumental in that effort.  It’s great to have new members who have networks that extend beyond Manitoba mixing in with the ISPs serving only local users.

Teksavvy has connected at 10 Gbps to the 167 Lombard switch.  They are not peering with the route servers at this time, but are accepting bi-lateral peering on IPv4 and IPv6.

Fastnet joins MBIX

MBIX has another local ISP directly connected to our peering fabric at 10 Gbps.  Fastnet (AS394352) is a local ISP based in Winnipeg, with an expanding footprint.  They’ve connected to our 167 Lombard switch, and will be peering with the route servers soon.

Once again it’s great to see more participation by local ISPs, it means keeping Manitoba traffic in the province, increasing performance, and keeping costs low.