MBIX adds second location

MBIX has expanded its footprint to a second location: Les.net YWG2, 294 Portage Avenue

During the past two years, since inception, MBIX has existed only in one location, the GSC datacentre on the 5th floor of 167 Lombard.  All our peers till today have connected to the Cisco Nexus 7004 installed at this location.

MBIX members always needed to determine how to establish a physical link to the 167 Lombard building. Today, MBIX has a second option for connecting, the Les.net YWG2 datacentre, located on the 2nd floor of 294 Portage Avenue, in Winnipeg.

MBIX has deployed a Cisco Nexus 2232PP, which supports SFP and SFP+ connectors, which support copper at 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps, or fibre at 1 and 10 Gbps.  The fabric extender is linked to the main switch with two 10 Gbps fibre optic links, over dark fibre provided by Les.net.  The level of performance and services available at the Les.net switch is equivalent to GSC.

Interested in connecting to MBIX at the 294 Portage location?  Contact Les.net to make colocation arrangements and sort out the details of connecting.

CIRA’s 2014-2015 Report to Members

MBIX is highlighted in the section A Vision for Canada’s Internet.


WiBand connects to MBIX

MBIX is pleased to announced its newest connected member, WiBand Communications.

WiBand is a ISP which operates in cities across western Canada providing wireless and fibre-optic connection services.

AS15102 has connected to the peering fabric at 1Gbps, and is peering with the route servers. This connection will provide higher performance, lower latency, and more redundancy their customers, and we’re happy to have them on board.

RFNow joins MBIX

MBIX is pleased to announce its newest connected member, RFNow.

RFNow is an ISP based in Virden, Manitoba. They provide a variety of wireless and fibre optic services in Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan.

AS46920 is connected at 10 Gbps, and are peering with the route servers.

We’re happy that their customers are now better connected–to other Manitoba networks, and to the other services present at MBIX.